Does A Woman Ever Deserve To Be Man Handled?

Posted by uproxx on

So Friday night I hit up a local lounge just to chill for the night. It’s like 5 degrees outside and this little spot has a line that is not moving, wtf. Anyway this shorty and her friend come from out of no where and walk straight to the front like they were royalty. She proceeds to get in the bouncer’s face and tell him, “I ordered food, let me in now.” The bouncer looks at her like she is crazy and tells her go on the line. She put her hand in his face and tell him she is getting in now and then grabs the door which the bouncer is standing in front of. At this point any guy doing that would have been stomped out already, but she is a female and can get away with more. She gives up for a while and returns with more anger and screaming, the entire line is saying get this chick out of here. She then proceeds to get in a heated discussion with one of the bouncers and proceeds to smack him LOL. They say you should never hit a woman but the bouncer proceeds to man handle her and the two get into a scuffle on this freezing New York night. The battle comes to an abrupt end when she is thrown on the freezing concrete, OUCH! It hurt so bad she just laid their silent for a few minutes, the whole line was screaming DAMN like Chris Tucker in the movie Friday. After recovering, the not so bright female actually still goes after the bouncer but people jump in to prevent any more meetings with the concrete for her.

My question is should a woman every get this kind of treatment? I felt he did OD but the whole line pretty much seemed to think she got what she deserved. I think he could of shook her like Chris Rock would recommend, but throwing her to the floor is over the top. What do all of you think?

Edit: She looked aight, if she was a dime somebody would of put a cape on and try to save her to get her number afterwards lol.