[DISCUSSION] Why There's a Whitelist: "We Get it it's Too Emo For an Ohio Grocery Store"

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I want to preface this by saying I'm not a huge fan of how the whitelist being done. I always liked that fashion was easily accessible (once you understand some basic guidelines) even though a lot of the trends are set by high end brands. I get that it was to slow the hundreds of "look at my supreme shirt" hypebeast style posts but I think this stifles creativity more than anything.

But with that I feel like the community has done more to stifle creativity than a whitelist ever could. I see the same 'criticisms' on every post. Wearing black? "Too emo/school shootercore/matrix cosplayer". Oversized pants? "Too old/anime". A little avant garde? "Nobody would actually wear that out". Calling something weird feels like the ultimate memey cop out to me because every venue, city and country have their own street wear trends and obviously nobody is wearing some high tech wear fit to the grocery store.

We get it you don't like a trend but can we verbalize why instead of "it's bad"? I see people complain all the time about the sub not having a variety of styles and then shit on someone for being bit out there. Everyone wants to complain it's all "emo and anime fits" and no one wants to actually post some new style.

And while some of the blame does lie on having a whitelist I think the bigger problem is the communities vague toxicity to anything they don't like. Everyone races for the "most epic roast" which ends up being the same memey comments or they shit oncsomething juet to be contrarian. People like to say the sub used to be good while shitting up any discussion that would make the sub be like it was before.


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