Discussion: Who Would You Consider To Be Rap’s Living Legends?

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So while on twitter yesterday there was discussion about who in rap can be considered a legend. Some people were saying that Nelly is a legend. While he did go diamond with, “Country Grammar,” I wasn’t sure if I would consider him a legend. I think the criteria to keep in mind when questioning if someone is a legend is their, success(sales/touring/singles), impact on the culture, consistency and uniqueness.

So with that being said, who would you say are currently Hip Hop’s Living Legends? (make sure to leave your reasoning.)

this is my question to NIGEL … is it at all possible to make your way out of the good graces of legendary ??? is it possible to make music so bad or fall so low you can no longer be considered as great as you were? – Gizz

Is Mike Tyson still a legend after how his career ended? I would say yes.