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I've been browsing this sub off and on for the past few years, this community and a few of my friends are the main reason I ever started to be cognizant of fashion. Through this time of mostly lurking I have picked up a few pet peeves, mainly the "This isn't even streetwear" comments and mindset, the overall treatment towards women and non-men posters, and how these comments usually fall under the postings of outfits from women and non-men in the community. I understand the outfit might not be exactly what falls under your narrow definition of what streetwear is, but there's no need to fill a post with 5+ comments saying the same thing. Also this standard isn't held the same towards men posters. I see many men post outfits that are techwear, straight up menswear, etc. all the time yet rarely do people throws out the "This isn't streetwear" comments towards these people.

Why are these double standards held in this community? Why are women always either hyper criticized for their fits or weirdly sexualized for being found attractive? Why do we hold women to a certain standard of what their posts need to be and not hold the same standards towards men posters?

On another more controversial note, this subreddit has the better part of 1 million subscribers. r/streetwear is one of the largest (if not thee largest) fashion communities on reddit. With that being said, not everyone is going to stick to strictly streetwear, people are going to post their outfits of any type because this is a huge community, people want the exposure, they have more chances of running into like minded people, and that's perfectly okay. Let people express who they are, and avoid spreading toxicity.

tl;dr: Some members of this subreddit need to work on their misogyny, toxicity, and gatekeeping.

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