[DISCUSSION] Google Forms poll for solutions since the rule change; In response to complaints about: bad WDYWT fits, unfunny/excessive memes, spam/low effort, not enough discussion, etc.

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Here's the link to the poll.

Some suggestions on here aren't exactly reflecting of what I think should happen, and I'm not speaking for anyone. I just thought of them in case someone else didn't.

I spoke to mod u/CJleaf under a post I made a short while ago about a "Thrownback to a mod explaining why the whitelist was created (which turned out to be him actually) and people threw around some suggestions and feedback. He also mentioned how the mods noted amongst each other that discussion posts never make it to the front page. Not sure what could be done about that, but maybe some incentive to have good discussions could be thought of.

Essentially, the WDYWT whitelist was created because people complained that:

A) there wasn't one

B) fits sucked

C) sub was overrun by memes

D) female users were hyped up more

Talk about irony...

This went full circle to people insisting the whitelist be removed because of things like lack of diversity (link to the thread from about 3-1/2 months ago that brought this issue to light), trends and trending styles not be recognized enough, along with other mentions of the WDYWT Megathread not being sufficient, etc.

Now that submissions are public, many people have began to develop doubts about the quality of submissions, as well as other issues like spam or low effort posts, quality of fits going down, too many memes, etc.

My idea off top, as well as the mod's and several others, was to have WDYWT as a "WDYWWeekends" type of thing. Where the whitelist would be reinstated, but submissions were made public Friday-Sunday.

And as for the meme issue, the thought of a "Meme Mondays" thing came to mind, but I'm not sure that would solve the problem. I don't think anyone would be happy with having to wait to post a dank meme they cooked up on a Tuesday all the way until next week. It just doesn't seem like that big of a deal to make a queue for it.

List your thoughts/suggestions below if you want

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