[DISCUSSION] fuck, go back we need the whitelist.

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Before you read my thread, please read these threads/comments and gather your own opinion, especially before commenting and contributing to the conversation as a member of the community.

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Okay. This is going to sound like a rant (and I apologize in advance) but I don't know how I can even remotely try to push my point without sounding tense. I also know that this post is going to look like borderline gatekeeping, but bare with me. This thread is simply my opinion, take it as you like. As you all know, the whitelist was removed from the subreddit, allowing everyone and anyone to post a [wdywt] thread on the sub. In my eyes, this has caused a number of problems.

  • The biggest flaw that this has caused (to me personally) is the extreme lack in discussion posts now. Sure they still exist, but they are simply flooded out of the sub's "Hot" feed due to the literal waves of fit pics. "But there's a tab for discussion threads at the top, go there if you want to read some discussions!" They rarely have much actual "discussion" going on in them. The few discussion posts that you can find by scrolling down a ton don't have nearly as many responses and conversations as they did in the past. They got shoved to the background. I know discussions still happen in the replies to wdywt posts but the topic driven posts with intense opinions and defenses are a thing of the past.

  • Remember when the sub banned mirror pics? Remember when the sub banned low quality pictures? New wdywt posters don't. Old (whitelisted) posters were forced to take actual quality pictures with their pictures, and even tended to get creative with their edits to showcase their outfits. Scrolling through the sub I am bombarded with blurry, over/under exposed, and grainy pictures. Quality is objective and I totally understand that, but people used to put actual effort into their posts. Like come on, flash mirror pics? Are we actually regressing this much? (Not saying that this is everyone, lots of users for the most part are still good in this regard, but the really new ones [you can tell] are obviously lacking.)

  • FASHION AND GOOD TASTE IS OBJECTIVE AND ALL UP TO PERSONAL TASTE. That being said, there are quite a few of these fits that I dislike. And apparently you people don't really like them either, since most of the pictures I am going to include in the album at the bottom of this post have zero or negative post karma. I understand that a lot of "tasteful fashion" is expensive and difficult to get into, but I feel like some of these fits belong in a different subreddit, like r/frugalfits or something. Everyone wants to get feedback on their outfits, but they're usually just met with downvotes and roasting replies, both of which are inefficient to the cause. This type of situation is where the wdywt daily thread shines. People purposefully go into that thread with the intent of looking at fits both good and bad (especially since its usually filled with non-whitelisted users) and want to give criticism and help. With that whitelist gone, there is simply too much to handle.

examples (not all of these fits are bad, just the quality of the photo proves point #2)

My solution proposal: Bring back the daily thread! Except this time, mod's actively whitelist members that they see posting good content in the thread, as actual quality should be rewarded. This way, front page isn't always the same 15 people posting their fits and we keep the low quality posts that need improvement isolated. Being whitelisted was a goal for many users in the community, and it should be a goal for newcomers too, encourage. them to improve and cultivate their own taste and style.

Now that you've heard my side, what do you guys think?

How do you feel about the new posters / outfits / "flow" of the subreddit?

How do you think this will improve (or hurt) the sub in the long run?

inb4 "op talk shit post fit"

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