Diddy Kind Of Confirmed Kamaiyah’s Amazing Tweet About His ‘Grand Theft Auto Life’

Posted by Bansky Gonzalez on

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Celebrity life can seem so foreign sometimes. Like, yeah, they’re just regular people at the end of the day and they live on the same planet as everybody else, but at times it can seem like they’re in a entirely separate universe, and their lives are really like that Chappelle’s Show skit where they’re eating Tyrannosaurus Rex egg omelettes and basking in unexplainable opulence.

Take P. Diddy for instance, he of the nearly billion dollar net-worth who is pushing up on nearly 25 years of being the coolest guy in every room he ever enters. A regular Tuesday afternoon for Diddy can not be the same as everybody else’s Tuesday afternoon. It just can’t be. He’s Diddy.

Oakland rapper and burgeoning star herself Kamaiyah confirmed as much on Monday when she tweeted an amazing detail about Puff that she noticed at Quavo’s birthday party. “Puffy came to quavo’s party yesterday in a car and left on a boat” she said. “(I don’t know) what kinda grand theft auto life that n*gga is living but it’s lit.”

Lit indeed.

Consider the logistics of that entire episode, and wonder just what exactly happens to the abandoned, surely expensive, car just like I did. It’s mind-boggling. Well, that tweet got over 20,000 retweets because, well, because that’s amazing and ridiculous and exactly what we expect from the life of P. Diddy. Plus, the way Yaya worded it was perfect, it’s like she spoke for all of us.

With that many RTs the whole thing was bound to find and when he did, he tossed out a cool shades wearing guy emoji and seemingly confirmed the entire story. Probably while digging into a plate of T-Rex omelettes or something.