Desiigner Is Coming For The Summer On His Two New Singles ‘Up’ And ‘Thank God I Got It’

Posted by Emilee Lindner on

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“SHUT THE F*CK UP!” Desiigner screeches at the beginning of “Up” — one of two tracks Desiigner dropped overnight. If you weren’t awake at the beginning of the song, you’re awake now.

Desiigner seems to be on a roll when it comes to releasing music. On Monday night, the Brooklyn rapper delivered “Up” and “Thank God I Got It,” along with “Holy Ghost,” which appeared on his SoundCloud a few weeks ago.

“Up” is a piano-driven jam with a chorus-sung “Turn the club up” mantra riding its bookends. Desiigner’s wobbly Auto-tuned vocals float over the whole thing: “I’mma get rich, get rich / And I be living’ right up / Just like the city I hold down / I’mma bring it right up.”

Meanwhile, “Thank God I Got It” is slightly more menacing, with a wind flute blowing out a minor-keyed loop for Desiigner to spit his monotoned rap. The song finally breaks character halfway through, when Desiigner swirls in his signature ad-libs (“blllllah!” “get, get, get!!”) along with a beat change-up and more melodic singing.

You can listen to “Up,” “Thank God I Got It,” and “Holy Ghost” on iTunes.
Desiigner is currently on tour, which seems to be artistically fruitful given his unrelenting output.