DeMarcus Cousins Says He’d Be ‘Kicked Out Of The League’ If He Played Like Draymond Green

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For all of DeMarcus Cousins’ talent, he can’t shake the impression around the league that he has a bad attitude. His effort on defense is intermittent, he often runs afoul of officials, and he didn’t do much to hide his fights with now-departed head coach George Karl. At the same time, it’s hard not to feel for him — after all, he is possibly the best center in the NBA, and he’s stuck on one of the most dysfunctional organizations in the entire Association.

DeMarcus himself is aware of the challenges of those perceptions. In a radio interview with Carmichael Dave, Cousins contrasted how he’s treated by the media and referees with another fiery personality — Draymond Green.

Cousins was possibly referring to this incident from the Warriors’ first-round series against the Houston Rockets, in which Draymond followed an official down the court, yelling what appear to be profanities:

When that happened, lots of non-Warriors fans pointed out that Dray deserved a tech, and lots of players would have received one depending on the night. Cousins did lead the NBA in techs this regular season, so he might have a point. Then again, Draymond was third, so he’s not getting free passes left and right either. Neither of them are getting kicked out of the league anytime soon.

Perhaps the point Cousins was making was a larger one about their contrasting personalities. Neither of them care all that much about humility or politeness, but Green is on a successful Warriors squad, so his brashness is often channeling a lot of the team’s positivity. Cousins has no positivity to draw from on the court, so he doesn’t have a healthy outlet for his personality type. Hopefully a new coach will help him with that. Until then, Boogie will just have to be jealous of Draymond.