Danger Mouse Brings Run The Jewels And Big Boi Together On His Hard-Hitting New Track ‘Chase Me’

Posted by Corbin Reiff on

After teasing it out over social media, legendary producer Danger Mouse shared a brand new track this morning with some of the heaviest hitters in all of rap. Titled “Chase Me,” the song carries a bombastic and bouncy beat as well as a trio of incendiary guest verses from El-P and Killer Mike from Run The Jewels as well as Daddy Fat Sax himself, Big Boi.

This new song is the latest in what’s been a decade-plus collaboration between Mike and Big Boi in particular. The RTJ rapper got his big break around 2001 thanks to a guest feature on the Outkast single “The Whole World.” More recently, he hit the studio with Big and came back out with the samurai-themed banger “Kill Jill,” from the latter’s upcoming album Boomiverse.

In a recent interview, Big revealed that the pair might have a longer project in the works. “We’re gonna put out a little EP after I put out my next solo record or something like that,” he said. “We’ve been entertaining the idea for a long time and finally got enough songs to where we just said the other night that we’re gonna do it.”

“Chase Me” is slotted to appear on the soundtrack for Edgar Wright’s upcoming film Baby Driver. You can check the song out for yourself above.