D∆WN Dropped Two Soulful, Distorted Tracks To Kick Off The Weekend

Posted by Emilee Lindner on

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D∆WN must’ve realized that we need a little spiritual sustenance going into the weekend. On Friday, the art-soul artist, who just can’t seem to stop making music, released “Hurricane” and “Van Gogh” as bonus tracks off her freshly released deluxe edition of 2016’s Redemption.

“I don’t wanna move / I don’t wanna run,” Dawn sings in a kind of electro-whisper on “Hurricane,” describing an overwhelming situation that should scare her off… but doesn’t. “I stand in your storm / I stand in your rain / I’m not afraid.” Despite what title of the song suggests, the production on the track mimics more of a lively spring rainfall than a destructive storm — there’s the controlled sparkle of hi-hat, reverbed owl coos, foreign whistles, finger snaps, modulated vocals, celestial gusts and echo for days. You get a sense that D∆WN’s found her peace in the eye of the storm.

And while “Hurricane” alone might fulfill your calming vibes quota for the day, “Van Gogh” serves up even more. An acoustic guitar strums the track to life until it buzzes with an easy going beat, swirling harps and D∆WN’s encouragement to follow your creative impulses: “Go, be Van Gogh / Let your art make you whole.” As many tracks of hers, one instrument — like the acoustic guitar at the beginning — morphs into something completely different, and soon you’re hearing the same riff on a distorted synth.

Along with releasing the deluxe version of Redemption, D∆WN also recently appeared on the new Dirty Projectors self-titled album with “Cool Your Heart,” a glitchy, percussion-heavy jam.

Also on Friday, she was announced as one of the performers at the upcoming Pitchfork Music Festival. But if you have no plans to make it to Chicago this year, at least you have more D∆WN songs to enjoy.