CyHi The Prynce Bets Joe Budden $500K That He’ll End His Career In A Rap Battle

Posted by Aaron Williams on

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CyHi The Prynce and Joe Budden‘s rap glory days may be behind them already, but it looks like they may have a way to revive their reputations. The GOOD Music bench player just called out the former Slaughterhouse free agent on Twitter, challenging him to $500,000 live rap battle, complete with sponsors and a pay-per-view deal that CyHi claims will double their initial investment.

The whole kerfuffle was prompted by a stray tweet from a fan on Twitter, @Sigma_Chris, who describes himself as an event planner/promoter. Chris tweeted that he’d “love to see a Joe Budden vs. CyHi The Prynce battle,” tagging both of the rappers in the tweet and drawing the attention of CyHi.

“Joe my guy but I will end his rap and podcast career,” he boasted. “I’m the wrong 1 to play with but if he wants to put 500k up let’s get it and we doing it face to face too so you can look the GOD in his eyes while I take your SOUL and we call pay per view and we can double it! I got Sponsors.”

Of course, given Eminem still has yet to take Joe up on his prior offer to spar, Joe had the spare time to respond to CyHi, snarking, “You don’t even believe this.” And while Joe’s current gig at Revolt seems pretty cushy, there’s no doubt he’s been itching to sharpen his lyrical skills against a worthy opponent. Who better than the punchline slinging ex-dealer from Atlanta, whose No Dope On Sunday album proved that he’s got more than enough gas left in the tank to make it a match worth the price of admission.