Common And Black Thought Played ‘Wheel of Freestyle’ On ‘Fallon’ And Killed It

Posted by Delenda Joseph on


On top of being a fun drunk, I can also kick a mean freestyle when the liquor is in my system. I can never make it pass the “aye yo…aye yo” part when I’m sober, however. Perhaps that’s why my rap career as MC D-Money Swagganaire never took off. But these guys — Common and Black Thought — are pros.

Common was on Fallon and played Wheel of Freestyle, a new game where the show’s guests are given three random words that they have to use in a freestyle. Common did well with his words, “Blender,” “Snowplow,” and “Keanu,” rapping, “This is what I come to do/Yo it’s just me and you/Shout out to who/My man name Keanu/Y’all know I’m fixed/Y’all know my man from what? The Matrix.” Okay, he wasn’t that great there, but he did come around on his second freestyle after Black Thought had him beat.

Using “Blanket,” “IMAX” and “Cheeseburger,” The Roots rapper reminded everyone why he’s your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. “Bring the style back/Just like you got hijacked/On cloud nine with it/Girls reaching their climax/I’m larger than life/I’m like the IMAX,” Tariq spit straight off the top.

Of course Common had to do way better after that, and he did. Watch it below.