City Girls Take Lil Baby On A Rodeo Drive Shopping Spree In Their Lavish ‘Season’ Video

Posted by Aaron Williams on

Miami’s City Girls turn gold-digging into an art form in their sun-soaked video for ‘Season’ with fellow Quality Control rapper Lil Baby. The theme of the video, which finds JT and Yung Miami milking a middle-aged sugar daddy for expensive gifts and a lavish, luxury lifestyle, shouldn’t be any surprise to fans of their debut album, Period, or their recently-released follow-up, Girl Code. City Girls are about as straightforward as it gets, explaining rather bluntly that they’re all about making “n—-s cut a check for no reason,” over an airy, tropical music inspired beat by DJ OnDaBeat.

The designer enthusiasts do have the tables temporarily turned by Lil Baby, however, who insists “you got me f*cked up,” asserting that “I ain’t blowin’ sh*t unless I’m gettin’ my d*ck sucked.” Of course, Yung Miami isn’t having it, telling him to talk to to the hand and returning to cruising Beverly Hills’ famous Rodeo Drive with JT and their eager sponsor, who throws around his credit card about as recklessly as Baby handles his cash.

“Season” is the second single from Girl Code, but the first to get a video. The first single, “Twerk” featuring Cardi B, has formed the basis for an online competition the duo is using to fill out the cast of its music video, which they hope will help keep fans fascinated until JT’s prison sentence ends in 2019 — or at least distract them from the controversy sparked by Yung Miami’s recent comments.

Girl Code is out now via Quality Control and Capitol Records.