City Girls And Cardi B Tease Their Upcoming ‘Twerk’ Video With A Provocative Trailer

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When Cardi B turned up on the remix to City Girls’ “Twerk” on Girl Code, they sent up a smoke signal to women all over the world that their new turn-up anthem had arrived. Shortly thereafter, City Girl Yung Miami issued a $25,000 twerk challenge, selecting 25 dancers from fans’ enthusiastic submissions, flying them out to Miami, FL, and letting them face off for a chance to win the prize money. The results form the foundation of the upcoming “Twerk” video, which City Girls and Cardi promoted with a provocative trailer announcing the video’s release date: This Wednesday, January 16.

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The mission of the video, to find the “world’s greatest twerker,” makes it a familiar subject for rap fans, but somewhat untried territory for an all-female group of performers in rap. While there will surely be some rap Republicans who will frown sternly at the video’s premise, other less conservative minds may see it as an opportunity for women in hip-hop to represent for themselves for a change. After all, if they’re selling sex, someone’s buying, and more often than not, it’s the same hip-hop Huxtables who prefer women’s presence in the culture to be seen and not heard. In this instance, they’ll do both, showing off some serious rump-shaking skills in the process.

Girl Code is out now via Quality Control Records.