Chris Brown Is Under Investigation For Assault (Rihanna Might Be The Victim)

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Chris Brown Leaving Jail

Around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, Brown and a woman were in a vehicle in L.A. when they became involved in an argument, according to a police statement. After stopping his car, the R&B singer and the woman got out and the argument escalated. The LAPD received a 911 call reporting the disturbance.

When officers arrived they found the victim, but Brown had already left the scene, the statement reads. The woman suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker, police say.

Source: People

Wrigley has suspended advertisements for Doublemint gum featuring Chris Brown.

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DAMN Chris Brown putting his hands on Rihanna? I hope this story isn’t true but its not looking good right now. Since there was visible damage it is considered a felony.

Update Excerpt:

Like the day an 11-year-old Brown made a promise to his mother. He vowed that he would go to jail by age 15 for killing his abusive stepfather. “I just want you to know that I love you,” he told her. “But I’m gonna take a baseball bat one day while you at work, and I’m gonna kill him.” Brown’s parents had separated when he was seven. When his mother remarried, she moved her son and his new stepfather to a trailer park. Then his stepfather shot himself in the head. The shot went straight through the eyes. He survived the suicide attempt but was permanently blinded.

“When you’re blind, your senses are heightened, like your smell, hearing, your sense of touch,” Brown explains. “You can move and maneuver around your sight. But he used to hit my mom….He made me terrified all the time, terrified like I had to pee on myself. I remember one night he made her nose bleed. I was crying and thinking, ‘I’m just gonna go crazy on him one day…’ I hate him to this day.”

Source: Giant Interview in 2007

I would think seeing your mom get beat would make you not touch a female.