Chance The Rapper Won The ‘Mask Off’ Challenge With This Sensational Concert Freestyle

Posted by Corbin Reiff on

The #MaskOffChallenge has been one of the greatest memes of 2017. It’s been a riot watching all different people come together across social media to deliver their own unique spin on Future’s self-titled album standout. Whether it was flutes, guitars, or simply whistling, the Internet came through, and for that I’m extremely grateful. That being said, Chance The Rapper might’ve just retired the entire thing during a performance last night.

The Chicago rapper found himself in Columbus, Ohio for one of the stops on his ongoing Spring and Summer tour. After killing it at the large Nationwide Arena, Chance hit the stage in more intimate setting at the Columbus Children’s Theater. While there, he enticed the crowd to begin “wooing” out the instantly-recognizable flute riff to “Mask Off,” while a keyboardist twinkled away in the background.

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Once the crowd really started getting into it, Chance began to feel the beat well enough to go off the dome with a shockingly good freestyle. “I need every brick, and I need it half off / Now I come through and I take the mask off / Every time I ride through n****as get soft,” he began. In a more revealing bit, he rapped, “When I do tv there don’t be a lot of cursing / I’m trying to get your mama and your grandma to f**k with me.”

The whole thing is, as Future might say, sensational, and certainly worth checking out above.