Chance The Rapper Teased A Swaggering New Song With Future And It Sounds Amazing

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

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We already knew that Chance The Rapper and Future can do great things when they get into a room together. In spite of Chano’s constantly buzzing sanctified vibes and Future’s deep, dark and druggy haze, they made “Smoke Break” work on Chance’s last album. Judging from these clips of a new collaboration between Chance and Future that the former posted to Instagram, however, it looks like that pretty great Coloring Book cut was just an appetizer.

In the first clip, you can hear Future handling hook duties over a bright piano-led beat that might be the work of DJ Esco — if Chance’s tags are to be believed. And in the second, Chance manages to find even more ways to rap about his family, God and his own independence from major labels. Seriously, “I’m a free agent like the second Matrix” is just wonderful.

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Both Chance and Future are refusing to slow down and risk halting the momentum they have going. Fresh off of his wins at the Grammys, Chance announced a massive spring tour and Future is riding high after releasing a new self-titled album last week that had some truly great tracks when the rapper didn’t allow himself to be bogged down.