Chance The Rapper’s Grammys Speech Was Exactly What He Said It’d Be Weeks Before He Won

Posted by Bansky Gonzalez on

Come December, it’s a virtual certainty that many will be hailing 2017 the year of Chance The Rapper. He took home three Grammys just over a week ago, including the major victory in the Best New Artist category, and it appears Chance was more than prepared for the moment. Yes, he’d been rapping about Grammys for a while, and yes he helped spearhead a movement to get free and streaming music recognized by the academy, but he was inherently prepared for the exact moment he won a Grammy and got his chance to speak to the world.

In a touching speech after nabbing the Best New Artist nom, Chance told the audience at home and at the Staples Center “Glory be to God, I claim the victory in the name of the lord.” It turns out he told a crowd his nomination celebration that he’d say those exact words, over two months before the award show.

Chance wasn’t done there as he later returned to the Grammy stage, not only for his trophy for Best Rap Album, but also for a celebratory, victory lap of a performance. Though Chance may not have prepared a speech for that final award, as according to Chance he didn’t think he’d win, he still clearly was well prepared for the biggest night of his life.