Chance The Rapper Is Holding A Press Conference Later Today in Chicago’s South Side

Posted by Corbin Reiff on

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Chance The Rapper took to Twitter today to announce that he’ll be holding a press conference at an elementary school in Chicago’s South Side later today.

Though he didn’t reveal what exactly he would be discussing, given the location and some recent events, it might have something to do with issues related to funding education in Chicago. Last week, Chance sat down for a 30-minute long meeting with the Governor of Illinois to talk about a massive gap in Chicago Public School funding, but the results were disappointing.

“The kids are on the table right now,” Chance told a gaggle of reporters after the chat ended. “We spoke for a second, and it sounded like we were going somewhere, but it sounds like it’s hinged on passing another bill. I’m not a politician.” Chance left his meeting abruptly after telling the Governor to “do your job.”

The effects of the funding gap are significant, with minority students being the largest victims of the shortcoming as detailed by this story in the Chicago Reporter. Officials in Chicago are going so far as to a considering a proposal to end the school year a full 20 days early. Despite being the 4th largest system in the U.S. the CPS remains one of the most underfunded in the nation.

Chance’s press conference is set to take place at 2 PM CST, and according to his announcement it will be streamed globally over Instagram.