Chance The Rapper Is Dad Goals Working Out With His Daughter On The Chicago Bulls Home Court

Posted by Corbin Reiff on

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One of the best parts of Chance The Rapper’s Instagram page is the adorable pictures and videos he shares of his daughter Kensli. The two of them love to goof and play around, mostly around breakfast time. Earlier today, Chance visited the United Center in Chicago and made it on to the court where he decided to put his young daughter through a little morning workout.

“Lets get into these pushups baby,” he tells here before setting her down on the ground and pumping out a quick set. It’s heart-melting how she gets on her hands and knees next to him, trying to mimic his movements. In the next instant he leaps up and together they run through a quick set of suicides up and down the court. You really have to check it out for yourself in the post above.

A few months back, Chance shared another picture of he and his daughter playing around the house with a touching caption that described how she had changed his life. “This is the girl who reintroduced me to God,” he wrote. “She’s the woman who reminded me how to be a man, and taught me how to love. She is everything I am but much better. I can’t wait for her to one day help the world the way she has helped me.

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So it turns out, in addition to being one of the most giving, philanthropic artists in the music world today, Chance The Rapper is also totally dad goals.