Chance The Rapper Found A Creative And Hilarious Way To Shade Major Record Labels During His Concerts

Posted by Corbin Reiff on

Notoriously independent artist Chance The Rapper seriously doesn’t like the major label system in music. The opening to his song “No Problem” from his most recent, three-time Grammy-award winning mixtape Coloring Book has become something of a rallying cry for him and his fans: “If one more label tries to stop me / there’s gon’ be some dreadhead n****s in your lobby!” During the first show of his ongoing Be Encourage tour, Chano took the message to the next level, thanks to a gigantic, multimedia slideshow.

As Chance performed “No Problem” a series of images were thrown up onto the screen depicting a number of famous, gigantic record labels logos, but each was given a different twist. Def Jam Records, became “Don’t Join Records.” Atlantic became “Titanic.” Aftermath Entertainment became “Can’t Do Math Entertainment.” Sony became “Phony.” And so on.

In a recent interview with Complex, Chance talked about the pitfalls of working within the major label system. “If you knew how many artists are in deals with any label, you’d be like, who the f**k is this?” he said. “Why did you sign this person seven years ago and their debut album is still shelved? Why don’t I know anything about this artist? I don’t want to see people keep going through that, and I also want to see myself thrive. I’d like to be proof that it works.”

What do you think of Chance’s live shade game?