Chance The Rapper Announces The List Of Chicago Public Schools Receiving $10,000 Checks

Posted by Corbin Reiff on


Earlier this week, Chance The Rapper made headlines when he announced at a press conference at Westcott Elementary that he was going to donate $1 million to the Chicago Public Education System. Buried underneath that understandable huge piece of news was the revelation that he would also be working with Social Works to donate individual $10,000 checks to a number of local public schools. While the facilities that would receive grants remained unknown at the time of his big announcement, Chance took to Twitter today to unveil the list of schools that could expect to get a check.

“You wanna hear some good news?” Chance tweeted before making the announcement. He then went on a tweet storm unveiling the names one at a time.

Chance’s involvement into public school education funding began last week after a meeting with the Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner. The chat didn’t go well. Chance left the meeting a bit deflated after telling the Governor to “do your job.” A few days later he announced his press conference and shocked the world with his tremendous donation.

While the $1 million pledged at the press conference is but a dent in the $215 million gap in funding hole facing Chicago’s public schools, Chance’s efforts have gone a long way to help bridging some of the gap, while bringing attention to one of the most pressing issues facing the city today.