CeeLo Green Insists That Wasn’t Him In That Weird Gold Suit At The Grammys

Posted by John Gotty on

Although you thought you saw him dressed up like C3PO at the Grammys, but CeeLo Green says it definitely wasn’t him. At least that’s the story he told TMZ on Tuesday night when they caught up with the singer-rapper as he was leaving a Hollywood eatery.

“Oh that’s somebody else altogether, man,” he said when questioned on whether the round, golden guy everyone saw on Sunday was him or not. “I don’t know bro, I wasn’t there.”

He contends it was actually Gnarly Davidson, the alter ego Green’s created for himself as he gears up for whatever musical adventure he has planned next. Playing the whole thing up, he even goes on to say how he and Davidson may not share a mutual respect for one another. “I’m becoming a fan,” he said with a sly smile. “He doesn’t like me as much though.”

Gnarly’s been active since Sunday, too. Earlier on Tuesday, he released his new jam titled “Jay Z’s Girl,” the Weird Al-like twisted tune that’s pretty much an ode to Beyonce, despite the fact that she’s very much married to a pretty famous guy. Whether the song leads to an album or not is still up in the air, but CeeLo says he plans on buying it if Davidson releases a project. If he does, there’s one very clear catch for Green.

“I don’t like to waste money, so it better be good,” CeeLo said.