Carmelo Unleashed A Diabolical Burn On An Unsuspecting Internet Commenter

Posted by Robby Kalland on

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Carmelo Anthony isn’t known as one of the NBA’s most vicious trash-talkers, but as we’ve learned through his use of social media, when he wants to insult you he will absolutely fry you.

The most recent example of this is from an Instagram post from 27 weeks ago of him working out prior to the Olympics, but recently popped up because someone scrolled through the thousands of comments to find Anthony roast a commenter who tried to insult him.

“show ya face you onion bagel face ass”

Because I am a journalist and take my job very seriously, I have independently confirmed that, yes, that is indeed a real comment from Carmelo.


Poor @undefeated_mindset must now retire from the internet because he got owned online by Carmelo Anthony. I’m sorry, but those are the rules. If someone calls you an “onion bagel face ass” there is no coming back from that. You just have to take that L and move on with your life, hoping it doesn’t become a big public spectacle (too late!).

The good news for this poor commenter is that he (or she) is not alone. Carmelo has compared other internet commenters’ faces to a round breakfast food before, with his famous “glazed donut face ass” insult that he dropped on someone on Twitter back in 2013.

Melo is the biggest basketball star in New York City, so he has thick skin and, for the most part, ignores criticism, but when he gets fed up his insults are legendary. I can’t wait to see what’s the next “[insert food] face ass” insult from Anthony, as this is easily the most intriguing thing about the Knicks right now.