Cardi B Proclaims That ‘All These Rappers Got Writers’ At Her Fashion Nova Launch Party

Posted by Andre Gee on

It seems like ever since Meek Mill pulled back the curtain on the taboo topic of ghostwriting in the rap industry, it’s become a predominant topic in hip-hop. We all knew producers like Diddy and Dr. Dre had people crafting their lyrics, but seeing Meek attach the label to Drake, one of the biggest, most braggadocious solo artists ever, put everyone’s credentials in question. Cardi B, by virtue of being a woman, was automatically going to deal with ghostwriting rumors due to the casual sexism rampant among hip-hop fans. And the flap over New York rapper Pardison Fontaine’s role in “Be Careful” made things worse.

But in true Cardi B fashion, she’s publicly stated that she simply doesn’t care what people think. When explaining “Be Careful” in April, she noted that she simply liked the record and wanted it. Then she said, “what you need to do is ask your favorite rappers about their ghostwriters.”

She doubled down on that last night at her Fashion Nova launch party last night, proclaiming mid-performance that “all these rappers got writers. Even the ones that be saying they don’t, they lying b*tch!” She may have felt compelled to make the statement because her foe Nicki Minaj has repeatedly sniped at Cardi over rumors that she employs ghostwriters. But Cardi B noted, “even if I didn’t wrote it or if I did, I’m still gon get paid.” And that’s all that matters to her.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.