Cardi B Declined Marriage Counseling With Offset: ‘There’s No Changing My Mind’

Posted by Aaron Williams on

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Cardi B says Offset tried to get her to go to marriage counseling but she didn’t want to change her mind about their divorce in her cover story for Harper’s Bazaar. The “Care For Me” rapper told Harper’s her husband/baby’s daddy wanted her to go to family therapy but that she turned him down for the most straightforward reason there is: She “didn’t want to go.”

“Nobody makes my decisions about my life but me,” she said. “He suggested it, but it’s like, ‘I don’t want to go.’ There’s no counselor or nothing that could make me change my mind.” When that didn’t work, Offset tried surprising Cardi during her set at Rolling Loud, but the gesture didn’t go over as well as he planned, leading to an army of Cardi fans dragging him online so badly that Cardi herself had to step in to set the record straight.

The interview also touches on Cardi’s sex life after marriage — there isn’t much of one — and her and Offset’s decision to “hide the world from their kid,” to paraphrase fellow recent parent Drake. Of the thirsty guys DM-ing her post-breakup, Cardi ranted, “Bro, why would you want to holler at me right away? You’re weird.’ If you think Imma automatically hop onto you after a marriage, that just means you think I’m a sleaze. And I’m not. I have a kid—I have to show an example.”

As for the reason Kulture hasn’t left the house much, Cardi explained, “It’s really annoying and we don’t have a life. We have to hide her all the time. I can’t go to L.A. or Miami and walk down the beach with my baby. I want to go shopping with my baby. I want to take a stroll with my baby. Sometimes I feel bad for her because all she knows is the house.” She says the reason she can’t leave in disguise is because of one very distinctive feature: “It’s my nose.”

The interview is insightful and funny, seeing Cardi at her unfiltered best, as usual. Read the full feature here.

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