Cardi B Commented On The ‘Rude, Disrespectful’ Australian Paparazzi That Her Publicist Threatened To Slap

Posted by Andre Gee on

It seems Cardi B can’t go anywhere without a notable performance being marred with the reality of her separation from her husband Offset. Weeks ago, Offset interrupted her closing set at Rolling Loud with a cake and flowers in a show of spectacle. This weekend, her entry into an Australia airport (to play a New Year’s Eve show in Perth) was marked by demanding paparazzi who told her “it’s our rules, not your’s buddy,” before railing at her further by opining “no wonder your husband left ya” after she refused a picture. Cardi’s publicist went off on the camera person and threatened to smack her for her invasion of privacy.

After the incident, Cardi gave her side of the story. In an Instagram Live session, she states that she was no fan of the paparazzi telling her she had to abide by their arbitrary rules. “What is your rules? What are you talking about? Like, my n—a, do I look like a little f–king slave to you?” she pondered. She also talked about the woman who evoked her fractured marriage to Offset, who she called “rude and disrespectful.” Cardi also noted that the woman had enough gall for that comment, but “acted like she was so scared, like a victim” when her publicist “got in her face.”

Hopefully, the rest of her stay in Australia is more hospitable.