Cardi B And Offset Pull Off An Intricate Casino Heist In The New ‘Lick’ Video

Posted by Corbin Reiff on

Just a couple months after it was officially pushed out as a single, Cardi B is back to give her fans a brand new visual component to her song “Lick.” Directed by Mazi O, the video is a brash, Oceans 11 style casino caper that heavily features the Migos member Offset who strolls in to reprise his guest verse.

The visuals are filled with scenes of the pair weaving around one another and a craps table, along with other shots showing just Cardi in a full cat burglar attire stacking bills in the casino’s money room. In an interview with Fader recently, just before performing at SXSW, Cardi described a “Lick” as that moment “when you catch a big come up or when you make a big check.” To put a finer point on it, she talked about it as that feeling, “When you just make something that weren’t expecting to do, but it goes to your benefit. And that’s what happened with my life — I caught a lick.”

Whatever the meaning behind the term, this new video will do little to squelch the rumors that have linked Cardi and Offset together in a romantic capacity ever since they were spotted out at this year’s Super Bowl.

You can watch the steamy, intriguing video for “Lick” above.