Camron Speaks On Past Beef With 50 Cent(“50 Can Kiss My Ass”)

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XXL: Did you expect the beef to unfold the way that it did?

Cam: I don’t expect nothing. I go with the momentum. I don’t sit there waiting to expect what’s going to happen. If somebody says something, I react. If I do something and wait for them to react, I’m going to react again. I don’t really sit there and expect or analyze what’s gonna happen. But I’m prepared for anything. What’s the status of the situation now? If you and 50 walked into the same room, is there beef, or is it done?

50 can kiss my ass. That’s the basic moral of the story. I’m not one of them people, once we beefin’, I’ma be like, “Yo, I wish it didn’t happen.” It is what it is.

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