Cam’ron Speaks On The Origins Of, “No Homo”

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“Crime Pays,” In Stores May 5th

This great mystery has now been solved… Smh @ kids thinking Lil Wayne created the term.

Feel free to leave your favorite, “No Homo,” lines below and/or appropriate times to use the phrase below.

Suck a Dick No Homo – Cam’ron
I’m Laughing at you Ugly Ass No Homo – Cam’ron
Got money out the ass, No Homo, but I’m Rich – Lil Wayne
Po-po and the cops again, No Homo but they cockin them – Juelz Santana

You know you not a homo. Why say, “no homo”?
Ayo, I think saying, “No homo” is so homo, no I’m not a homo, you already know yo
It ain’t gay when I say “fuck niggas,” oh no.

Camron – I Used To Get It In Ohio
Cam’Ron – Cookies & Some Apple Juice (Radio Rip)