Cam’ron’s Pink Hoody From The ‘10,000 Miles’ Cover Is Almost As Amazing As The Song’s Video

Posted by Bansky Gonzalez on

When Cam’ron first previewed his Vanessa Carlton “A Thousand Miles” remix of sorts back in January, the Internet got all their laughs out, but now, a few months later the track is here and it’s not half bad. Even better, when Cam’s “10,000 Miles” is paired with the hilarious video, it’s actually pretty damn good.

Now, it’s not as great as Soulja Boy’s Vanessa Carlton cover, but then again, what is?

All jokes aside, this is just the beginning of what Killa Cam has in store for the rest of the year. Along with the new song and video, Cam has announced his new mixtape The Program will drop in May, followed by his new album Killa Season 2 sometime this year.

And because Cam is forever a hustler, he’s made a version of that shirt from the video’s amusing and whimsical skit available for purchase as well. So yeah, you can head to Cam’s perfectly titled website, and grab the tee for a cool 40 bucks, because who wants to purchase music when you can cope a dope, grey shirt.


So yeah, Cam is back, and despite all of the issues going on with Dipset, he’s looking to hit the ground running and have a big 2017. Now if we can just get that cooking show he promised us everything will be good to go.