Calvin Harris Somehow Got Young Thug, Pharrell And Ariana Grande On The Same Song

Posted by Corbin Reiff on

Don’t ask how he manages to attract this kind of starpower to his projects, he just does. Calvin Harris announced on Twitter today the existence of his next single, a song titled “Heatstroke,” and just like his last track “Slide,” the song boasts a jaw-dropping guest list. The Scottish EDM artists somehow managed to pull Young Thug, Pharrell and Ariana Grande together on the same track. Pharrell is also credited as a producer on the song, which is a good idea, because Pharrell is very, very good at producing music. Harris has yet to reveal any kind of release date.

Thugger himself shared clips of what sounds like the new song on his Snapchat. Apparently, he enjoyed listening to it while driving around town so much, that he wanted to give the rest of the world a sneak peak.

It’s actually hard to figure out which single has more star power, “Heatstroke,” or “Slide.” On the one hand, “Heatstroke,” features three artists to “Slide’s” two. On the other hand, “Slide” boasts contributions from a three-person rap group the Migos, as well as the reclusive Frank Ocean. Let’s call it a draw.

While you wait for the arrival of “Heatstroke,” you can tide yourself over by running back through “Slide” one more time.