Calvin Harris Lovingly Broke Down Every Step Of Making His Frank Ocean Collab ‘Slide’

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

Calvin Harris’ “Slide” is the rare Song of the Summer contender that everyone from Top 40 listeners to music snobs can agree on. It’s going to be undeniable on all fronts, that’s what happens when you get Frank Ocean and Migos on the same track. But just in case there are naysayers out there trying to pull the old button-pusher argument against the superstar producer and DJ, Calvin Harris has posted a step-by-step video showing the creation of the track, complete with him playing all of the instrumental parts. If you are somehow on the fence about this track, let Harris putting in work convince you. All of these simple parts — sometimes as small as a single chord played on a keyboard that is only used for that purpose — are formed into something as big as this single and it is really something to see.

The glimpse into “Slide” also gives us a rare treat, in that it serves up some a capella Frank Ocean vocals. No surprises there, they sound as good as they do over Harris’ sunny funk production. Give it a listen and then compare it to the final product below: