Bun B Will Be Teaching “Religion & Hip Hop Culture In America”

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What’s the course going to include?
We’ll be reflecting on the nature and content of hip hop as a religious experience. As well as religious expression. We’ll discuss the history of rap music and find the different parallels and correlations between religion and hip hop. People will be surprised at how many instances there are. Just the Five-Percent Nations presence in hip hop alone during the late ’80s and early ’90s — we could teach for days just on that. And other different things — we have Jewish rappers now.

What do you want people to understand?
People assumed initially that only people who grew up in the hood could understand hip-hop, but we’re speaking to real situations and true experiences that people from all walks of life can learn from.

Full Interview: NPR

Bun B will be teaching the course at Rice University in the Spring of 2011. His latest album, “Trill OG,” is on sale now.