Bun B Addressed Stacey Dash’s Comments On “Black History Month”

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Recently I got into what some would describe as a difference of opinions with a black actress named Stacey Dash. She posed the notion that black people not only don’t need channels like BET or award shows like the NAACP Image Awards, but that we should do away with Black History Month as well. I believe she tried to belittle our institutions and ceremonies in order to position herself politically and professionally during an election year. It feels to me that after she stood on the shoulders of our forefathers to find success she looked down upon them with disgust and shame. And that is why I spoke.

Because Black History Month isn’t just about black people honoring themselves. It’s about making sure that the accomplishments and contributions of some of our smartest and brightest minds are never forgotten by anyone.
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To start of “Black History Month” 2016 Bun B responds to Stacey Dash saying it should no longer exist. Whose side are you on, Bun B or Stacey Dash?

Check out some children letting Stacey Dash know why we need “Black History Month” below.