Bow Wow Speaks On Never Paying For Sex

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Ozone:Have you ever paid a woman for sex, directly or indirectly? What’s your opinion on breaking females off? Do you pay their rent or car notes?

Bow Wow: I’ve never in my life paid a girl’s bills or rent. I’ve never been a trick. Never. I think that’s terrible. If you’ve got to do that, that means you’re lacking and slacking in your conversation skills or you’re not confident with yourself. Paying for sex is cheating. You get no respect from me if you do that. But if it’s your girl and you’ve established that she’s your woman and she holds you down, that’s a different thing. You trick off on your woman because you want to make sure she’s lookin’ fly, but other than that, the closest thing I’ll ever get to trickin’ is throwing ones at the strip club. Don’t ask me to pay your phone bill or nothin’ like that unless you’re my woman.

Ozone: Have you ever kicked it with a married woman?

Bow Wow:I have, but I won’t do it again. I felt bad. I was looking at her wearing her wedding ring and wondering, damn, what is he doing right now if I’m with her? They might be going through their problems or whatever. But what if her husband is just at home watching the game and missing his wife and here I am boning the shit out of her? It’s not cool. It’s like, what if this shit comes back on me? I only did that one time and it was years ago. I’ll never do that again. I feel bad to this day. I don’t think that’s cool at all to sleep with a married woman.

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Can you all say you have never directly/indirectly paid for sex? Personally I think ever man has at one point or another.