Black Thought Rapped A Recap Of ‘Jurassic Park’s Entire Plot, Including Some Key Survival Advice

Posted by Aaron Williams on

Just in case his masterful EP with 9th Wonder doesn’t have you convinced that Black Thought is the premiere rapper of his or any generation, his Tonight Show boss Jimmy Fallon will continue giving him chances to prove that he’s the cream of the crop.

In their latest lyrical sketch, Black Thought, Jimmy, and The Roots celebrate the upcoming release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by having Thought lyrically recap the entire series. While Questlove and gang provide the theme song-influenced backing beat, Black Thought breezes through his lyrical synopses, covering all the bases from starring roles to some rather crucial survival advice should anyone in the audience ever find themselves visiting a theme park full of hungry, prehistoric lizards (here’s a hint: Don’t go out like Donald Gennaro, the ill-fated lawyer from the first movie, who received a rather ignominious end at the teeth of the recently-escaped Tyrannosaurus Rex).

Of course, this sort of lyrical exercise is light work for the veteran MC, whose freestyles and more serious raps have lit up the internet for the past year as more and more fans discover the prolific talent of The Roots frontman. After nearly 30 years in the game, it seems Black Thought is finally getting his due thanks to the internet.

Streams Of Thought, Vol. 1 by Black Thought and The Soul Council, is out now via Jamla Records.