Birdman Calls Cash Money’s Feat Of Selling Over A Billion Units ‘Bigger Than McDonald’s’

Posted by Brandon Caldwell on

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Birdman seems to think Cash Money Records is bigger than McDonald’s. For all the scuttlebutt and discussion about his dealings with Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, and a whole host of producers, you can’t deny the numbers. And now, Birdman can officially lay claim to Cash Money Records having sold over a billion units (combined albums and singles). That’s right, a billi.

The Number One Stunna took to Instagram to celebrate the news, showing off an official plaque commemorating the feat. The plaque reads in bold lettering, “Presented to Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams to commemorate worldwide sales of more than 1 billion units.

“Big boy sh*t right here baby. A billion units,” he says in the video. “I don’t give a f*ck about selling no records b*tch, I accomplished what I never thought I could accomplish. This sh*t bigger than McDonald’s.”

Five years ago, Birdman told MTV News that Cash Money moved differently than everyone else when it came to shifting units. He wasn’t kidding. Earlier in 2012, Billboard touted Birdman and his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams by including them the industry magazine’s “Power List” issue. Universal Music, the parent company for Cash Money Records, congratulated the two for selling 500 million songs. “I think, what took us that long to do, I can do it in five years or three years,” he told MTV. “So it really motivates us to work real hard and work harder.”

Cash Money Records has been around 27 years, going all the way back to its pre-major label days in New Orleans. It set the standard for label partnerships when in 1998, they inked with Universal for a reported $30 million over three years. It was a pretty sweet deal beyond just that sum however. They retained their masters and their publishing, were given a $2 million advance from Universal every year along with $1.5 million credit for each of the up to six artists who would release albums under the label. Baby and Slim would retain 80% of the profits after all the sales came in.