Big Sean Get The 8-Bit Treatment And Channels Mario Kart In His ‘Jump Out The Window’ Video

Posted by Brandon Caldwell on

Big Sean’s videography for I Decided. has been all over the place. Animated, personal, introspective, enlightening and more, Sean’s spent time picturing how he wants every track from his fourth album to look and feel. For his latest “Jump Out The Window” video, Sean takes off into a whole new world entirely, embracing the design and feel of some of the most classic video games ever created.

The Lawrence Lamont directed video is a partial ode to Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller.” In opens up with Sean walking into his girlfriend’s house. He gets spooked by a frazzled television and a cracked phone. The Vincent Price style ghoulish laughter coming from the TV, which shows a pixelated version of his girl as well as an unnamed big boss; the Bowser to her Princess Peach if you will.

Like anyone with a lick of video game sense, Sean grabs the Super Nintendo controller and jumps right into the shaky world. The creativity displayed throughout “Jump Out The Window” comes through the little homages to classic video games. From Mario Kart to Echo the Dolphin, Sean’s latest video canvases a large chunk of your video game childhood, all while he battles an evil guy who sadly dresses like a knockoff M. Bison from Street Fighter.

Watch the ode to Saturday morning gaming sessions, platform scrollers and more up top.