Big KRIT’s ‘Double Down’ Surprises Fans With His Second EP Of The Month After ‘Thrice X’

Posted by Aaron Williams on

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Big KRIT may have already bounced back once this month with Thrice X just weeks ago, but fans didn’t have to wait long to receive another quick hit of his soulful, Southern-fried music in the form of a second EP, Double Down. Like Thrice X, it’s a short burst of new music to pique fans’ interest and keep his buzz going, but unlike its predecessor, Double Down is more of a single-length release, featuring just two tracks: “Learned From Texas” and “Pick Yourself Up.”

The first track, as you might expect, features a Houston-style, chopped-and-screwed chorus that directly references pioneering Port Arthur rap duo UGK. The three minute track is slow and uses almost exactly the type of drum pattern fans of Rap-A-Lot Records have gleefully bumped in their slabs — candy-painted lowriders — for the past three decades. KRIT’s double time verse pays homage to just that car culture, which he’s always expressed appreciation for in his music, but admits here that he definitely learned from Texas.

Meanwhile, “Pick Yourself Up,” featuring a familiar sample from The Isley Brothers’ hit “Between The Sheets,” instead sounds more similar the beat for Too Short’s “Life’s A Bitch,” snatching the instantly recognizable bass line and slapping KRIT’s bounciest flow over the top of it for a motivational speech the likes of which Pimp C and Short Dog would appreciate.

Double Down is out now via KRIT’s own Multi Alumni imprint. Check it out below or buy it here.