Beyonce Is Trying To Trademark Her Daughter’s Name, But This Company Isn’t Having It

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

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Beyonce keeps getting foiled in her attempts to trademark her daughter’s name. According to TMZ, an event company called Blue Ivy has filed court documents to block the Queen from trademarking the full legal name of her offspring. The company claims that Beyonce has no right to the name “Blue Ivy Carter” because they have been using the first bit for years.

Beyonce had previously tried to trademark just “Blue Ivy,” but was blocked by the company. Though Jay Z said that the family just wants to preemptively stop anyone from profiting off the name of his daughter, the company claims that the couple have doubled back on that. Blue Ivy — the firm — claims that the pair intend to sell merchandise with their daughter’s name (which also happens to be the name of their business) and want to stop them before they can get there.

Even though Beyonce has added the last name Carter to her trademark filing, Blue Ivy is still trying to stop it from going through. This is just the preview, though. When Beyonce’s twins Nike Disney and Apple NFL are born, we’re all going to see just how messy these sort of court battles can get.