Beyonce Fans Are Setting Up GoFundMe Pages For Tour Tickets And People Are Actually Donating

Posted by Delenda Joseph on

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Due to my parents instilling a little something called shame in regards to handouts, I don’t think I’ll ever be as brazen as people who use GoFundMe for the stupidest reasons ever. Need money for a plane ticket so you can make sure your girlfriend doesn’t cheat on you during Spring Break? GoFundMe. Need extra cash to rescue Matt Damon from Mars? GoFundMe. Need a new TV? GoFundMe. Need to get in “Formation” for Beyonce’s tour? GoFundMe.

Members of the BeyHive are using the popular crowdfunding website to raise money so they can purchase tickets for the star’s upcoming tour, which kicks off April 27. What’s even more crazy is people are actually donating.

Tomachi Onyewuchi has already raised more than $200 for her “Mission Trip To FORMATION Tour” campaign. The fan says she’s a broke college student who’s always wanted to see Queen Bey work her magic on stage.

Tomachi has always wanted to go, but as she is a poor, sad, college student, she has never been able to accomplish her dreams. Please help her accomplish her goals. Tickets go on sale on February 15th. All donations, big or small, are welcome.

Rachel Rae T’s campaign gets right to the point, with just a screenshot from Beyonce’s video and “Please help. I’m poor.” She’s raised $20 so far. Another woman is halfway to her goal of $300. Tiffany Folson says even though she’s a proud BeyHive member and will “convert any corny Illuminati hater over to the Bey-side,” she’s never actually seen Beyonce in concert and hopes to raise enough money to buy tickets and “get her life.”

None of these fans are more ballsy than Annie Spann, who actually wants $2,000 for front-row tickets. Dream big!

Beyonce’s Formation World Tour kicks off April 27, but pre-sale tickets for BeyHive Fan Club members, Amex cardholders and VIP packages are out now and range from $45 to $1,750. The casual Bey fans will have to wait until Feb. 16 for general public tickets.

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