Beats By Dre Got LeBron James To Reunite Lil Wayne And The Hot Boys At All-Star Weekend

Posted by Bansky Gonzalez on

The debates will probably rage forever. For every guy saying LeBron is the greatest of all-time, there will be a Skip Bayless reminding the world about the 2011 Finals, clutch gene, the dunk contest, and all sorts of silly arguments against LeBron James’ legacy. Still, even after all of that, Bron has added something that can never be taken away: Along with Beats by Dre, he reunited The Hot Boys, in New Orleans.

Granted, BG (prison) and Birdman (you know, that legal stuff) weren’t there, but Lil Wayne, Mannie Fresh, Juvenile, and Young Turk all took the stage together at LeBron’s Beats By Dre party in New Orleans during All Star Weekend on Saturday night.

“I don’t know if these people fully appreciate what’s going on tonight,” LeBron said in a rare, unfiltered moment on stage, between Wayne and Mannie Fresh. “Yo, we got the mothafu**in’ Hot Boys in this mothafu**a right now. I got to make sure — because this is my party — I got to make sure people fully understand what’s going on tonight.

“We got Tunechi, Juve, Manny, Turk in here tonight,” James said as the crowd roared in front of him. Eventually he told the crowd “I grew up on these boys right here.”

All Star weekend is always the epicenter of hoops and hip-hop culture, and as the entire NBA and rap world descended upon New Orleans this weekend it’s only right something this monumental goes on. Wayne even took the time to perform the Big Tymers’ hit “Still Fly” with Mannie, taking the place of his adversary Birdman.

Weezy also performed plenty of classic Cash Money hits next to Juve, Turk, and Mannie. If you weren’t there, thankfully cell phones exist and the moment will live on forever via Twitter – thanks to LeBron.

That Game 7 chasedown block and the whole bringing a championship to Cleveland were cool and all, but this might be Bron’s crowning achievement. Michael Jordan, eat your heart out.