Beats By Dre And E-40 Help Draymond Green ‘b [Ready]’ For The NBA Playoffs

Posted by Marcus Benjamin on

Update: Here’s a newly released, extended version of the commercial that features 40 Fonzarelli performing the track.

The Beats by Dre train continues to roll. Today, the good Doctor launches the “b [Ready]” campaign with help from Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green and Bay Area legend, E-40. That’s “Tell Me When to Go” playing in the background as Green gets mentally focused for the NBA Western Conference Finals. “Not only ‘b [Ready]’ for the game but to ‘b [Ready]’ to bring whatever it is to my team to win,” said Green. “On game days, I do the same thing: I got a playlist that I listen to. It tunes everything else out and it just takes me where I need to go mentally.”