Bankroll Fresh’s Posthumous Album ‘In Bank We Trust’ Gets An Official Release Date

Posted by Corbin Reiff on

Nearly two years ago today, on March 4, 2016, influential Atlanta rapper Bankroll Fresh was shot and killed, allegedly by his childhood friend No Plug. Even though he’s gone, that doesn’t mean he can’t continue to release new music. Earlier today, the rapper’s estate announced the arrival of his next album In Bank We Trust, sharing both the cover and the release date on Twitter.

As you can expect, the response to the news was widely celebratory.

In a recent interview with XXL, Bankroll’s mother Terisa Price further outlined what fans can expect to hear on his next record. “I think we’re gonna do 12 songs and bonuses on the album and we was really trying to push it for the 4th,” she said, alluding to the day her son was killed.

“We’re gonna push it for the 24th of April, which is K. Rich’s birthday. We’re gonna have some features on there from different other artists that’s out… but we’re working on it now and we were just in the studio the other day and we’ve got a hot song that’s gonna be a single. I named it ‘A Hell of a Night.’ I named ‘Dirty Game’ and I named ‘Truth Be Told,’ I named those songs. I think it’s highly anticipated.”