Ayesha Curry Apparently Has Some Serious Rap Skills

Posted by Ananth Pandian on

Getty Image / Food Network

While Warriors All-Star Stephen Curry has been given the moniker “Chef Curry,” the real culinary expert in the family is his wife Ayesha Curry. Cooking is not just a hobby for Ayesha as she has published a cook book and has her own show on the Food Network called Ayesha’s Home Kitchen. But apparently she doesn’t just cook it up in the kitchen, Curry can also fire up some ridiculous rhymes. That’s right Ayesha can rap.

OK so she can’t rap that well however, her rapping skills are still very passable, especially since she performed in public in front of a packed crowd at the Bottle Rock music festival in Napa, California on Friday.

With Oakland legend E-40 and her husband hyping up the crowd, Ayesha riffed off of Drake’s Energy and rapped about what she knows best, recipes and cooking.

Hyped from her performance, Ayesha ended her short lyrical set by dropping the mic, which the crowd and E-40 greatly appreciated.

Ayesha wasn’t actually there to rap though (although that would’ve been hilarious). She was part of the festival and led a cooking demonstration with the help of E-40 on Bottle Rock’s culinary stage. Clearly though, Ayesha wanted to show off a bit more than her cooking skills, truly giving festival goers more than they paid for.