As His Daughter Showed, Craig Sager Is Too Busy Living His Life To Let Cancer Stand In His Way

Posted by Jamie Cooper on

craig sager

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Just a few short months ago, Craig Sager was given a grim prognosis. His cancer had returned, and the doctors weren’t hopeful about his chances for recovery this time around. In fact, they gave him just three-to-six months to live. The outpouring of love and support around the NBA family between now and then has been something to behold. That’s in no small part because Sager refuses to let his illness slow him down.

Not only has he been covering these playoffs like a hungry, young reporter trying to make a name for himself in the business; he’s apparently been burning the candle at both ends in terms of his travel demands. His daughter Kacy recently tweeted out this update on her flamboyantly-attired father’s grueling work and commuting schedule, and it’s enough to make your head spin.

Most of us who are not battling leukemia don’t manage to put in work like that. And nevermind the devastating physical toll that type of aggressive treatment must have on the body. Sager is a truly inspiring figure, and it’s a treat to have him back on the sideline covering the playoffs and hosting classic interview sessions with his old buddy Gregg Popovich.