All The Times Nicki Minaj Proved She Is The Queen Of Shock Value

Posted by Dejen Isaac on

It seems that everywhere Nicki Minaj goes a media circus follows. Early in her career fans would marvel over her choice in hair color and crazy voices, but now music videos and social media activity that get people’s attention.

Take her visual performances: the lyric video “Only” contained heavy Nazi symbolism, while the visual for “Stupid Hoe” managed to get banned from BET. Yet the video for Anaconda, with all of its derriere gyrations not only got major airplay, but broke YouTube records in the process.

The “Anaconda” video also lead to Nicki getting into a celebrity beef or two. After harping in the video not getting nominated for MTV Video of the Year, there was a Twitter miscommunication with Taylor Swift over her remarks. After those two made up, Nicki called out Miley Cyrus during the awards show over some mean comments Cyrus made a few day prior.

But Nicki’s social media usage isn’t all beefing with celebrities and Teen Moms. On occasion she’ll take a risqué selfie that will have the internet lose its mind. For many celebrities this would be a big score, but for Nicki Minaj it was just another day in the life.

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