All The Best Throwdowns From The Thunderous College Dunk Contest

Posted by Robby Kalland on


The Final Four doesn’t start until Saturday night, but the college hoops dunk contest and three-point competitions happened on Thursday in Phoenix at Grand Canyon University.

The college dunk contest is always fun, because it usually involves some high flyers from schools you aren’t familiar with. This year, the star of the contest was East Tennessee State’s A.J. Merriweather, who put on an incredible show with his early round dunks, but failed to complete his final dunk. That meant Georgetown’s Rodney Pryor won the title belt.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the college dunk contest also has a championship belt that’s sponsored by Denny’s Diner.

It is better than any of trophy. All sporting championships should at least come with a title belt as well as a trophy, if not get rid of trophies for good. Anyways, Pryor’s victory came on a very nice between the legs dunk off of a bounce pass from Michigan’s Derrick Walton Jr.

Pryor’s dunks were good, but everyone was buzzing about Merriweather’s performance prior to his failed final dunk. Merriweather threw down three nasty dunks — a two-handed double-clutch reverse, a massive windmill and a two-handed windmill reverse.

Merriweather wasn’t the only one to throw down some filth on Thursday night, though. Tyler Flack from South Dakota impressed with his 540 dunk.

Who knew there was so much bounce in the Dakotas?